Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Scent marketing in Hotels

I read about a newly designed hotel in California that has created its own scent called "White Tea" chosen because of its relaxing properties. This scent will heighten the sensory experience of guests at the hotel. Unfortunately, the article did not specify where this scent is exposed - such as the lobby, rooms, bath rooms, bed linens, shampoo, etc. It would be interesting to interview the marketing manager of the hotel about how this designed scent is incorporated in their brand value.


HaraldHVogt said...

Hi Merci,
the scent is (supposed to be) in the lobby. It is a brand-wide signature scent. Scent in the guest room is not common at all (yet) since it is not quite clear what the hotel guest really wants. The scent of "clean"- usually associated with citrus - or "no scent at all". Certainly it wouldn't be cigarette smoke...
Westin is a division of Starwood Hotels in White Plains, NY. They also own amongst others the "W" chain and the new Indigo brand.
Good luck in finding somebody there to speak about it. We haven't been successful.

Harald H. Vogt
Scent Marketing Institute

Merci's 360view said...

Thanks Harald for your comment. How did teleconference go? Do you know of any Swedish brands or companies working with scent marketing? According to the list of the world's top 20 sensory brands, 3 of the brands are Nordic (i.e. Northern Europe): Nokia, Bang & Olufsen and Absolut Vodka.