Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Food Inspiration Market

In the last few days, I have been to interesting discussions about how to inspire consumers about food. As a member of the Marketing Association in Stockolm, we have monthly breakfast seminars. This month’s seminar was about the marketing of a very traditional Swedish food – hard bread (knäckebröd) - by the main Swedish manufacturer - Wasa. This might not be a familar food item at an American grocery store, but this is one of the main food staples of the Swedish palette. Their communication platform is based on getting consumers to change their bread habits and switch from soft bread to hard bread. To inspire consumers to change their behaviour, Wasa has collaborated with a famous American chef to produce a cookbook entitled “I love knäckebröd”. Wasa has also asked consumers to be involved in product development. While they aim to inspire consumers about hard bread in their daily cooking and to think about the healthy aspects of their products, there was little discussion about consumers inspiring each other. In today’s world of social marketing and consumer-to-consumer marketing or buzz marketing, this is an opportunity that is not yet incorporated into the overall marketing activities.

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