Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scent on mobile phones

A Germany company called has just patented a mobile scent application. What does this mean? It means that consumers will be able to send scented text messages. Do you want to send the scent of an ocean breeze to your friends through your mobile phone? It is soon now possible with this new smell phone.

According to their press release, "The principle is simple and requires no additional hardware. All you will need is a mobile scent phone and an SD smart card sized chip, which provides a wide variety of scents. The scent chip can be accessed through various applications: via SMS and MMS, from a connected computer or special mobile scent programs on the cell phone. Users are allowed to accept or reject an incoming scent message in order to avoid spam.

There are many applications for this service, ranging from sweet smelling MMS greetings, to branded advertising samples for perfume manufacturers, to scent enhanced games for mobile phones and computers providing an additional sensory element for an outstanding gaming experience. "

This is what I call innovation!

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