Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Scent marketing conference

Scent marketing is one of the marketing topics that I have been following (see my previous posts on scent marketing where I comment on scented textiles from Reebok and scented advertising for detergent) and now there is the first SCENTworld conference and expo scheduled in New York June 29th - July 1st. I have also discovered that the existence of The Scent Marketing Institute . I am fascinated by the topic and amazed about how researchers can create new scents to encompass a brand or a feeling of brand. There will be sprays / scents with the “new car” odor or an odor of “leather.” Stores will be also scented (and I am not talking about the perfume or cosmetic departments which are often over scented) but clothing stores or travel agencies. Internet stores will have difficult in scenting the shopping experience but once the product is delivered, it will probably be scented. Should Apple scent there products with a fresh crisp granny apple scent? What scent would represent Google or Nike?

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