Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Scent marketing in Sweden

Just read about an outdoor scent marketing campaign that is based on a product launch for Dove Fresh Touch deodorant. The target group is women aged 15 – 34 years old and encourages consumers to use their sense of smell. These mini scented billboards are strategically placed at busstops and other places where you have to wait an extra minute. The scent is stored in a special device and a fan spreads it the immediate area. I haven’t seen these billboards myself but I am going to try to locate one in the next few days to report on it. Stay tuned for more news on scent marketing.


Anonymous said...

Jag håller just nu på att testa den deon genom Buzzador. Den har fungerat bra hittills och luktar gott :)

Anonymous said...

Interesting. You'll have to keep us informed!

HaraldHVogt said...

Mi Marci,
sounds like what they did with cookie scent in bus shelters in San Francisco. It had to be pulled because of complaints from advocacy groups for the obese, diabetics and homeless.
Some people either don't like any scents at all or have negative reactions. That's why it is difficult to deliver scent without giving the consumer control over it - like in public spaces. Let's see if the Swedes are more tolerant than the Californians.
Keep up the good work!
Harald H. Vogt
Scent Marketing Institute
Scarsdale, NY

Merci's 360view said...

Thanks Harold for your comments. I am aware of the Scent Marketing Institute and thanks for the interesting newsletters. Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Scent Marketing Conference but hopefully I will be able to call in tele-conferences.