Monday, October 22, 2007

Goodie bag from Lunchnätet

Was at a networking lunch today celebrating the 5 year aniversary of the network. This is good old fashioned mingling, chatting, exchaning of business cards with sole purpose of making new contacts and friends. As part of the mingle, we each received a goodie bag with various items from members. In my goodie bag, I received a music CD of Paul M, Tender Care Protecting Balm by Oriflame, Mr Flower Power dark chocolates commerating Carl von Linné and a little travel seat mat. This is a great way to market sample products to a key target group as all of us women work in the marketing and PR field. There was a feeling of entrepreneurship as many women had their own businesses. More news to come about the network!


Anonymous said...

I love goodie bags :)

Merci's 360view said...

Thanks for your comments! Keep them coming!