Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Barbie docking station for your Ipod

Just read about the cutest little docking station for your Ipod Classic. It’s a cotton candy pink Barbie inspired docking station with big red flowers for speakers and includes a radio and alarm clock. This is sickly sugar sweet and targets a very young audience, Apple is already building a relationship with young consumers. There are two factors of nostalgia here.

1) the parents who buy these products for their kids today probably had a Barbie doll when they grow up and associate the Barbie brand with their own childhood memories.
2) In twenty years with these consumers are all grown up and have their own kids, they will probably reminisce about this product and tell their kids, “Back in the good old days, I had an Ipod Classic...” I am not so sure they will even remember the Barbie brand.

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