Monday, February 11, 2008

Nonprofit Branding – what’s in it?

The notion that nonprofit organisations have a brand value is an interesting thought. How do you measure in commercial terms the networth of a brand that doesn’t sell anything? To answer this question, the natural step is Google. I found many interesting articles about the subject and I can highly recommend if you are looking for some thought provoking articles. One of the articles on this subject reads “Why would a nonprofit go through the trouble of valuing its brand? Establishing the value of a nonprofit brand can open the door to co-branding, licensing, and partnering opportunities. Additionally, it allows one to determine reasonable spend on marketing and offers a point from which to explain the power of the brand. ... The idea of valuing a nonprofit brand is still quite new to the charitable community. However, some organizations have started to establish a monetary figure for their brand with a view of helping them grow the value further. Habitat for Humanity International's brand placed at nearly US$ 2 billion in 2001 (brand value by Interbrand). “ More to come in this interesting subject.

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