Monday, July 30, 2007

The ultimate global citizen

Every time I travel my perspective of my self as the ultimate global citizen is confirmed. Standing in line to get into the USA, even though I am a US citizen myself, I get the question of where is my country of residency. (the underlying question is 'how can you live anywhere else but the US!?') When I give my reply, "Sweden", the bewilderment on the police officer's face is obvious as he just can't get his head around of an Asian American living in Sweden with an American passport. The puzzled looks and questions are even more apparent when I travel within Europe. I have to explain the long story of "...I live in Sweden with an American passport and Swedish last name but Asian appearence but now I am business travel trying to get to London..." My story itself becomes a bottle neck in the queue. I look forward to the day where my sarcastic reply of "I'm a global citizen" will be more widely accepted.

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